Revamping Your Bathroom

The easiest and quickest way to update any space is to apply a fresh coat of paint in order to achieve a total transformation. Paint is the foundation of your bathroom’s interior design as it sets the theme for the rest of the décor. It is smart to keep your bathroom updated and tasteful because it will help you sell your house one day, and also makes a world of difference to your current living situation.

Here are five interior paint color ideas for your bathroom and why they’re perfect for any home:

  1. White or Hues of White – Even though you can’t go wrong with white, try to avoid slapping together any variations of white you can find. This also does not have to be plain and boring. Experts recommend decorating with stark white or dynamic shades of white. There are a lot of variations in this family to choose from, so you can customize the room and give it some texture. White paint is the right option if you wan to brighten up the space and make it look bigger. Also, light colors help augment the effect of natural light, which is an added bonus.
  2. Grey – Grey has become a popular paint color to use in bedrooms and living spaces, in addition to bathrooms. The great part of grey is that it goes with everything, so it will be easy to decorate the rest of the room when you’re done applying the paint. Try mixing warm and cool shades of grey for a modern and timeless display, or painting a grey ceiling or accent wall is another way to use the color without necessarily covering your entire bathroom in it.
  3. Coral – There are many shades of coral to consider and it’s a color that will bring some life back to your bathroom. Coral also goes with many popular accent colors such as grey, beige, and blue. Coral is often associated with colors suited for a Caribbean beach house or tropical décor, however this bold yet warm color is quite easy to pull off in many spaces because of the variations in tone.
  4. Shades of Blue & Green – The color blue is one that brings a sense of calm and peacefulness to any space. It’s the color of the sky, water and many other beautiful features found in nature. Additionally, a pastel green will give your bathroom that cottage feel, especially when paired with a white vanity and trim. If you’re going for a more modern feel, think about adding wide stripes or installing a shimmery backsplash to compliment your paint. Shades of green will give your bathroom new energy with its vibrant and unique appearance.
  5. Tan or Beige – Neutrals create a warm, soft and cozy space that never goes out of style. Incorporating gold into your beige or tan design is a great way to add a little luxury to your bathroom. Tan and beige are advantageous colors to work with because there are so many other bathroom features that will go with your paint like the tile, towels, and cabinets. Your bathroom will be light, airy, and sophisticated.

In addition to giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint, it is important to choose the right décor to personalize the space into your own little oasis. Here are some tips to update the aesthetic of the bathroom and revamp its appearance:

  • Update your bathroom with a new faucet and toilet. New, updated fixtures can add an extra element of style to your bathroom and give it a whole new feel altogether.
  • Find a focal point. Mirrors and vanities work well as focal points for bathrooms if they’re decorated correctly. Mirrors can really make a statement if they are uniquely framed or lit. Consider upgrading your vanity to one of the wonderful options we sell here at Homestyle to give your bathroom the wow factor.
  • Make the most of your walls. Use empty wall space for small floating shelves to put any  accessories or needed items. Don’t limit yourself to just the space above eyelevel, but under it as well. If you have wall space available to the side of the sink or toilet, small cubby shelves double as a stylish addition and hidden toilet paper storage.
  • Accessorize when possible. If your bathroom is bold and bright or traditional and neutral, the bathroom accessories you choose can really set the tone for the bathroom’s décor. Consider the soap dispenser, towel rack, and other needed bathroom accessories to tie the room together.


With a few simple upgrades and additions, you can transform your bathroom into a totally new and updated room. Visit our showroom today to speak with our expert designer to learn more about how you can add your personalize oasis to your home!



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