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4 PCS Range Hood Filter 260x320 mm Cooker Hood Grease Filter Kitchen Extractor Ventilation Aluminium Aspirator 26 X 32 CM 26x32

4 PCS Range Hood Filter 260x320 mm Cooker Hood Grease Filter Kitchen Extractor 26 X 32 CM 26x32

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  • SKU: 49617394
  • Type: Range Hood Filter
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 4 PCS Range Hood Filter 260x320 mm Cooker Hood Grease Filter Kitchen Extractor Ventilation Aluminium Aspirator 26 X 32 CM 26x32

Please choose your size and let us know from the contact section!
Our products are of above-standard quality from three layers of aluminum filters. The edge profiles get their blue color from the foil coating on them.
!!! Please contact us with any questions and give us a chance for a one-on-one dialogue solution!!!

Why use an extractor hood or hood?

The hood is essential for fresh air-breathing in the kitchen!!.
Its main function is to improve air quality by eliminating burning fumes, bad odors from cooking, and steam that is harmful to people, furniture, and walls.

Range Hood oil filter maintenance:

The first step is to keep the filtration system in good condition to ensure the longevity and correct operation of your hood in both the exhaust and recirculating versions.

There are two types of hood oil filters available:

The oil filter protects your hood by trapping oil particles. Aluminum or Stainless Steel grease filters require periodic hand washing with neutral detergent or in a low-temperature dishwasher (*). The paper oil filter should be changed every month, depending on usage.
Activated charcoal filters are attached to recirculating hoods and trap odor particles in the air. It should be changed every 3-4 months. Long-life filters have a longer lifetime: they need to be changed every two years.
Taking simple precautions will help you to keep your hood in ideal condition.
Before placing your order, make sure to check the size or brand compatibility of your filter that is written in the ad.
Check the millimeter size of your old filter exactly, otherwise do not order!!
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Brand Name: OZBA
Origin: TR(Origin)
Type: Range Hood Parts
Model Number: 26 X 32 CM Range Hood