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5.99 $ |  00742967 Cooker Hood Filter 387x265 mm Range Hood Grease 38,7 cm 26,5 cm
5.99 $ |  00742967 Cooker Hood Filter 387x265 mm Range Hood Grease 38,7 cm 26,5 cm

5.99 $ | 00742967 Cooker Hood Filter 387x265 mm Range Hood Grease 38,7 cm 26,5 cm

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  • SKU: 50656997
  • Brand: Home Goods Near Me
  • Type: Cooker Hood Filters
  • Availability: In Stock

00742967 Cooker Hood Filter 387x265 mm Range Hood Grease Filter Kitchen Extractor Ventilation Aluminium - 38,7 cm 26,5 cm Bosch, Balay, NEFF

Cooker Hood Metal Grease Filter - 00742967
This cooker hood metal grease filter is suitable for various brands and models.
  • Bosch brand Code: 00742967

  • Size 387x265 mm


Origin: TR(Origin)
Type: Range Hood Parts
Model Number: 00742967
Size: 387x265 mm
Balay:: 3BC891M, 3BC794MN, 3BC872M, 3BC794MB, 3BC764MN, 3BC892M, 3BC792M, 3BC861M, 3BC764M, 3BC796M, 3BC762M, 3BC776M, 3BC862M, 3BC896M, 3BC764MB, 3BC766M, 3BC774M, 3BC794M, 3BC772M
Blaupunkt:: 5DW66250, 5DB69250, 5DW69250, 5DB66250.
Bosch:: DWW09W851B, DWW06W851A, DWB06W850B, DWB09W850, DWB09W651, DWB07W651, DWW09W851A, DWB09W850A, DWW09W651A, DWW06W450B, DWW06W460B, DWB09W452, DWW06W650, DWB06W452B, DWW09W450, DWW07W450B, DWW06W850, DWW09W450A, DWW06W450, DWW09W460, DWB09W850B, DWW06W420, DWW09W650, DWB09W452B, DWB09W452T, DWW06W460Q, DWW06W650A, DWB09W652, DWB06W452T, DWB06W652, DWW06W450A, DWW09W850, DWW09W420, DWB09W453, DWW09W450V, DWW06W851B, DWB06W651, DWB06W452, DWW06W460, DWB06W850, DWW06W851I, DWW09W650Z, DWW09W450B, DWW07W650, DWW07W450, DWW06W650Z, DWW09W460B, DWW07W850, DWW06W420Q.
Constructa:: CD619350, CD636350, CD616350, CD639350, CD606250, CD616251, CD637350, CD619251, CD639252, CD606251, CD636252.
Junker&Ruh:: JD66WW50, JD66BW50, JD69WW50, JD69BW50.
Neff:: D79B42N0, D66B42N0, D76B42N0, D69B42N0, D76B21N1GB, D79B21N1GB, D79B21N1, D67B21N0GB, D69B21S0GB, D66B21N0, D66B21N0GB, D66B21S0GB, D69B21N0GB, D76B21N1, D69B21N0.
Pitsos:: 2MEB90V, 3MEB60V, 2MEB60V, 3MEB90V, 2MEB60X, 2MEB90SX, 2MEB90X, 2MEB60SX, 3MEB60X1, 3MEB90X1, DVB6R450, DVB9R450, DVP6R420, DVP6R460.
Profilo:: DVB6R450, DVB9R450, DVP6R420, DVP6R460.
Siemens:: LC94BA521, LC94WA521B, LC94BA521B, LC68WA521, LC74WA521B, LC74WA521, LC66BA521, LC64WA621, LC64WA521, LC64WA221, LC64BA521T, LC64BA521B, LC64BA521, LC64WA521B, LC96BA521, LC68BA521, LC94WA521, LC94BA521T, LC94BA523.
Viva:: VVA92E350, VVA62E350, VVA62E450, VVA92E452.
Zelmer:: ZEH62E350.