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00353110 Filter for Cooker Hood Bosch DKE925B, DWW061461,DWW06142 Extractor
00353110 Filter for Cooker Hood Bosch DKE925B, DWW061461,DWW06142 Extractor

5.99 $ | 00353110 Filter for Cooker Hood Bosch DKE925B, DWW061461, DWW06142 Extractor

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  • SKU: B072J5KXKR
  • Brand: Home Goods Near Me
  • Type: Cooker Hood Filters
  • Availability: In Stock

00353110 Filter for Hood Bosch DKE925B, DWW061461, DWW06142 Extractor Filter Cooker Metal Mesh Grease Filter For Kitchen


Bosch DWW061461 Cooker Hood Metal Grease Filter - 00353110

Product Classification: Compatible

This cooker hood metal grease filter is suitable for various brands and models

Bosch Code: 00353110
Measurements : 310x250 mm

It is a hood and aspirator wire brain compatible with Bosch, Siemens, Profilo.
Contains 1 piece of product

Compatible Models:

Cooker Hood Metal Grease Filter - 00353110

Product Classification: Compatible

This cooker hood metal grease filter is suitable for various brands and models

Bosch Code: 00353110
Measurements : 310x250 mm
Please check and compare dimensions with your ex-filter before order.
Suitable for
3BD796B, 3BC998, 3BC895, 3BD861XP, 3BD796N, 3BD774BP, 3BD693X, 3BC866, 3BD7124XP, 3BC865, 3BC896, 3BD774NP, 3BD791BP, 3BD794N, 3BC794B, 3BC764B, 3BD873XP, 3BD697N, 3BC8124, 3BD794B, 3BD771XP, 3BC774X, 3BC774N, 3BD794X, 3BC894, 3BC8128, 3BD764N, 3BD892AP, 3BD773XP, 3BD892XP, 3BC898, 3BD761BP, 3BC864, 3BD764B, 3BD891XP, 3BD7104X, 3BD697X, 3BC764X, 3BD893XP, 3BC761BC, 3BD663X, 3BC791BC, 3BD7124X, 3BD863XP, 3BC764N, 3BC892, 3BC774B, 3BD8123X, 3BC791NC, 3BD771BP, 3BD7104XP, 3BD761XP, 3BD791XP, 3BC8126, 3BC761NC, 3BC794X, 3BD764X, 3BC999, 3BC862, 3BC994, 3BC761XC, 3BD673X, 3BC771NC, 3BC771BC, 3BD796NP, 3BC794N, 3BD774XP, 3BD761NP, 3BC791XC, 3BC771XC, 3BD771NP, 3BD793XP, 3BD791NP
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3MEB90, 2MEB60, 4MEB90S, 2MEB90, 2MEB60S, 3MEB60, 2MEB90S, 4MEB60, 4MEB90
DVA300S, DVA300B
DVA300S, DVA300B
VVA92E250, VVA92E160, VVA92E150, VVA92E120, VVA92E450

Color: Silver


  • 250 x 310 mm Aluminium Mesh Filter made for SPARES2GO to fit Neff Cooker Hood / Kitchen Vent Extractors
  • Fits models: D66B20N0GB/01, D66B20N0GB/01, D66B20S0GB/01, D76M35N0GB/01, D79M35N0GB/01, D8002N0/01, D8002N0/02, D8002N0GB/01, D8012N0GB/01, D8602J0/01, D8602J0/03, D8602J0/04, D8602J0/05, D8602N0/01, D8602N0/03, D8602N0/04, D8602N0/05, D8602N0/07, D8602N0GB/01, D8602N0GB/03, D8602N0GB/04, D8602N0GB/05, D8602N0GB/06, D8602S0/01, D8602S0/03, D8602S0/04, D8602S0/05, D8602S0/07, D8602S0GB/01, D8602S0GB/03

Part Number: 09-DVF-289

Details: Vent Extractor Metal Mesh Filter for NEFF Cooker Hood Vent (250 x 310 mm)

EAN: 5056141956053

Package Dimensions: 13.1 x 11.3 x 0.7 inches