Fall Decor Trends

As Summer is coming to a close and Fall is right around there corner, the decor in your home can change with the seasons. It is nice to make subtle changes around the home during the colder months that reflect warm feelings to keep you and your loved ones comfortable and cozy. Here are some trends we have been noticing for Fall Decor this season to keep your home up to date, as well as a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

  • Neutrals are really setting the tone. Colorless design is something that is becoming increasingly popular and can be seen as new and fresh. It is all about the use of texture and shape rather than color and contrast.
  • The Curated Look is homey. This seems to be the biggest trend so far this fall and it is the most personalized and individualistic approach to decorating. Displaying what you love will add a unique flair to your home this fall and provide a comfortable feel throughout. This can be easily achieved through displaying your belongings on shelving units, or through a gallery wall.
  • Mix-and-matching style. Creativity is becoming more and more popular, allowing homeowners to express their unique sense of style. Mix-and-matching different style and design genres creates an authentic look for any room, thus making it more comfortable for you. You can also try mix-and-matching with bright colors for an easy update.
  • One-of-a-kind pieces are huge this fall. Unique furnishings and decorations with textural details are a great addition to any room, and have been a very apparent trend this fall. Check out flea markets and garage sales to find these unique finds to tie your fall decor together. These are also great places to find vintage accessories.
  • Bold graphic patterns are popping up everywhere. The use of bold graphic patterns with the increased trend of neutral colors ties together very nicely. Try adding patterned throw pillows in the living room, or vibrant accessories in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Soapstone counter tops are trending this fall as well. Soapstone is finding its way into more homes because of its versatility, and compared to marble, less expensive. This is a nice way to give your kitchen a face-lift this fall, just in time for house guests for the quickly approaching holiday season.
  • Decorating with warm colors. In addition to the neutrals and bold graphic patterns, warm colors are always nice to decorate with during the colder months. Add some throw blankets in your living room with warmer hues to add some comfort to your home this fall.


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